Welcome to L'Hiver, the specialist headwear company. For more than 5 generations, our traditional craftsmen have been creating custom-made headwear for customers in film, theatre, opera and equestrian groups.

We specialise in top-hats and aristocratic headwear, each one individually crafted to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We take detailed measurements of the head: size, height and shape, to ensure that the end-result matches the customer's face exactly.

Every L'Hiver hat is tailored exclusively in our workshop in Uden, The Netherlands. Orders are taken by appointment only, with delivery typically within 3-6 months.
Contact us to arrange an appointment, or send an email and we will send details. Personal callers are welcome at our workshop in Uden, but please call first to let us know you're coming.

L'Hiver products are renowned in the equestrian world, and we regularly visit International horse shows - check the agenda on this website for more details of where and when. We welcome visitors to our stand at these shows.

  • 22-04-2015
    Horses and Dreams
    Hagen a.t.w. Duitsland
  • 14-05-2015
    Pferd International
    München Duitsland
  • 29-05-2015
    Weltfest des Pfersdesports
    Aken Duitsland
  • 05-08-2015
    Verden Duitsland
  • 11-08-2015
    E.K. Aken
    Aken Duitsland
  • 18-11-2015
    German Masters
    Stuttgart Duitsland
  • 05-12-2015
    P.S.I. auktion
    Ankum Duitsland
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